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Gift ideas whatever your budget: It’s the thought that counts!

Wrapped present in bright pink paper with giraffes

Updated 12th November 2020 I’m so glad, that when the lovely Martin at PPM was taking down notes for my website design, he suggested that along with all my gluten free things that I also had a ‘lifestyle’ section too. It was great advice. As knowing what a crazy eclectic busy head I have, there […]

Creamy rice pudding with delicious apricot compote| Naturally gluten free

Creamy rice pudding with apricot compote

It’s National School Meals Week this week and I have very fond memories of my school dinners, as I was one of those kids that loved them! Fortunately, at our junior school we had a fabulous cook. she could get a little cross with us at times when we got a bit rowdy – and […]

Gluten free crispy rice squares

ten free crispy rice squares

Updated 15th April 2022 I thought I would rustle up some crispy rice squares as a little indulgent treat. The perfect thing to make with a box of Nestle Go Free Rice Pops that I’d been given as a sample whilst at an allergy show in Liverpool.

Gluten free plum crumble

Gluten free plum crumble

Updated 16th November 2023 With the chillier days approaching, I thought it would be a nice time to share with you this quick and easy gluten free plum crumble recipe. The Perfect tummy warming, comforting pudding, that can be popped together in no time at all.

Gluten free store cupboard essentials

Gluten free store cupboard essentials

Updated 20th 2022 I remember when I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease having a good sort out in our kitchen. I went through all the cupboards (and fridge and freezer) checking for any food items that contained gluten and bagging up the things which I knew Neil wouldn’t eat, along with all the other […]

Gluten free in Padstow and Port Isaac

Padstow Harbour

Last year, me and Neil took ourselves off to Padstow, Cornwall for a few days. I had holidayed at nearby Rock as a child and was desperate to return to the area! Thanks to Neil checking out gluten free info on google before our trip, I got to experience delightful quirky places to eat safely […]

Gluten free cupcakes (quick and easy)

Gluten free cupcakes...with sprinkles

These super-duper cupcake cuties can be whipped up at a drop of a hat, by using the simple all in one gluten free sponge cake recipe. Once baked, cool and top with a delicious swirl of buttercream and whatever gf sprinkles that take your fancy!!

Gluten free lasagne (super tasty and easy to make)

Gluten free lasagne

Updated 10th August 2021 Had my friends over for supper the other night and decided to pop together this gluten free lasagne that we could all enjoy. It’s nice and easy to make, very tasty and a recipe I’ve used for years. Love that once all the prep is done, lasagne can be popped into […]

Gluten free Manchester tart

Manchester tart with Strawberries

Although I know it’s not the same for everyone, I loved my school dinners. And I remember with fondness, sitting in the classroom, as the delicious (yes, delicious!) smell intensified the closer it got to lunch time, and feeling quite desperate for lessons to finish, so I could get in the dinner queue sharpish. We […]

Voakes Free From gluten free pies

Selection of free from pork pies from Voakes

If you’ve been fancying a great pie, look no further than Voakes Free From gluten free pies. They’re packed full of the most wonderful flavoured fillings, and encased in perfect crisp pastry, which leaves you wondering how can they possibly be gluten free?! Well they really are!