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Here within my life section, you’ll find an eclectic mix of blog posts. Including gluten free foods I’ve enjoyed, places that have been a joy to dine at and ‘golden nuggets’ in life that I just HAVE to share with you!

My plans for 2022

bright pink dahlia

In 2017 I made the decision to walk away from a job I loved to realise the dream of writing my own blog. I was so fortunate that Neil supported my decision and also agreed that in the short term we could manage without my wage. However, four years on, Neil is getting close to […]

Fresh milk: Why I love getting mine delivered to the door

3 milk bottles on a step

A few years ago, we decided to start having our milk delivered, rather than picking it up from the supermarket. It’s something that my parents and grandparents have always done, but it took us a little longer to cotton on to this fabulous and most convenient arrangement. And whilst from the start we’ve always appreciated […]

Warburtons gluten free white cob with sourdough: Six ways to use your loaf

Warburtons gluten free white cob with sourdough

I’m a massive fan of Warburtons gluten free white cob with sourdough. And I love to cut myself a nice thick slice from this soft white cob, toast it and enjoy with whatever topping that grabs me on the day. When toasted, the bread crisps up perfectly around the edges but remains soft and chewy […]

Coeliac by Design: 2020 Christmas gift edit

Wrapped present

I do love a good Christmas gift edit. And over the years, I’ve discovered some unique things, by checking out what other people have shared within their edits on blogs or instagram accounts.  So, this year, I thought I would put together a little Christmas gift edit of my own. Sharing a few ideas of […]

Ways to save money and time at Christmas time

Felt purse with a hare on the front and coins tipped out of it. How to Save blog

I know we’ve only just waved a fond farewell to Christmas but whilst things are still fresh in my mind, I thought it would be good to jot down a few ideas, that I think may save some cash (and valuable time) in our house and hopefully in yours too, for when the festive season […]

Gluten free at LEON

LEON at Cheshire Oakes

I’d heard great things about LEON restaraunts and their super gluten free offerings. So was delighted to discover that they had opened a branch at Cheshire Oaks (one of my favourite places to shop!). And on Wednesday, after a spot of Christmas shopping with my fabulous buddy Carol, we called in for our tea. 

Off The Wheaten Track…a gorgeous 100% gluten free deli!

Gluten free cheese and onion pie from Off The Wheaten Track

Updated 30th June 2022 I finally got chance to pop into Off The Wheaten Track for a bite to eat the other Friday. This place had been on my wish list of places to eat ever since it had opened earlier in the year. Off The Wheaten Track is a 100% gluten free deli and […]

Gluten free goodies that ‘grabbed me’ in June!

M&S Gluten free Pain Aux Raisins

I’m forever trying new gluten free products – some I like, some I don’t. And although like many things, food is all down to personal taste, I thought it would be good to share with you the things that I have tried this month and without any hesitation would buy again!

My favourite gluten free loaves

Gluten free sandwich - soft cheese and spinach on seeded bread

I’ve seen gluten free bread come such a long way since I was first diagnosed with coeliac. Gone are the days of having to toast every slice of bread to make it palatable – and also to ensure it stayed intact until you had finished your butty! In fact, some gluten free loaves are so […]