Gluten free goodies that ‘grabbed me’ in June!

M&S Gluten free Pain Aux Raisins

I’m forever trying new gluten free products – some I like, some I don’t. And although like many things, food is all down to personal taste, I thought it would be good to share with you the things that I have tried this month and without any hesitation would buy again!

Morrisons Free From white rolls

I’ve been loving M&S gluten free white rolls now for some time (I also get very similar ones from ASDA and Tesco, which are very good too). But after hearing great things about Morrisons Free From white rolls (made from gluten free sourdough) on Facebook I thought I would pick up a pack and check them out for myself. Well, they get a massive thumbs up from me. It’s been almost 16 years now since I have eaten standard bread and like the gluten free M&S, ASDA and Tesco ones, these rolls are so close to the real thing – think soft, floury bap, with a fabulous texture! Love them. And guess what they are only a quid!!!!! You must pick some of these up – do it, do it!!!👍

Morrisons Free From white rolls

Ingredients for Morrisons Free From white rolls

Morrisons gluten free white roll Morrisons gluten free white roll sliced in half

M&S made without wheat gluten free Pains Aux Raisins

I couldn’t resist picking this pack of Pains aux raisins up in M&S the other day as they looked so good sat on the shelf. I did as the pack suggested and warmed them in the oven before I tucked in. These really are delicious; fabulous, buttery, crispy outer layer, with a squidgy centre. Gorgeous with a fresh coffee sat in the sunshine – I know, how lovely!  Will definitely be treating myself to these again!!

M&S gluten free Pains Aux Raisins Ingredients of M&S gluten free Pains Aux Raisins

Gluten free Pains Aux Raisins Gluten free Pains Aux Raisins

Schar gluten free Melto bars

I’ve seen these Schar Melto bars in the shops, but until now had resisted picking one up. However, after hearing great comments about them on Instagram I thought I would treat myself. So glad I did, as they are lovely, and I can now see what all the positive chat has been about! Crispy light wafer, covered with chocolate and filled with a delicious hazelnut cream.

Schar gluten free Melto bar  Ingredients of Schar gluten free Melto bar

Co-op Free From Angel Slices

As I bake a lot, I don’t tend to buy shop bought cakes, but whilst we were away in Carnoustie I spotted these gluten free Angel Slices in the Co-op and couldn’t resist picking up a pack! I have a real thing for glace icing and buttercream and these angel sponge slices have just the right balance of both! Yummy with a hot cuppa. I’m now living in hope, that gluten free French fancies may just appear on our supermarket shelves! Stranger things have happened!

Coop Free From Angel Slices Coop Free From Angel Slices Ingredients

Coop Free From Angel Slices

Deliciously Ella Cacao and almond oat bar

Thoroughly enjoyed this gluten free Deliciously Ella Cacao and almond oat bar which I picked up from Morrisons. Loved the dense oat texture, with the cacao flavour present throughout the bar…there are also a few raisins in here too but didn’t really notice them! I enjoyed this bar sat at my desk with a morning cuppa but reckon it would also be the perfect thing to have squirrelled in your rucksack, ready to dig out and enjoy whilst out on a long leuriely walk! Good news for the old tum too, as they are also high in fibre, 3g per bar (30g of fibre is the recommended daily amount).

Deliciously Ella cacao and almond oat bar Ingredients for Deliciously Ella cacao and almond oat bar

Deliciously Ella cacao and almond oat bar

M&S made without wheat gluten free fruity flapjack cookies

Picked myself a pack of these gluten free fruity flapjack cookies up from M&S. I’m good with gluten free oats, but I know not everybody following a gluten free diet is, so sorry if that’s the case for you, as you will have to give these cookies (and the deliciously Ella bar above) a miss. If like me you are able to include them great stuff, as these cookies are lovely, buttery in flavour, with a yummy chewy texture (thanks to the gf oats and coconut) and nicely dotted with juicy raisins and chunks of apricot. Maybe for a bit of extra indulgence, melt down some *chocolate, dip the cookies in, allow to set and enjoy!

M&S Gluten free Fruity Flapjack cookies Ingredients for M&S gluten free fruity flapjack cookies

Ok, so there you have my little round up for gluten free goodies that grabbed me in June…..will see what July brings and of course I’ll let you know if I have anything to report back!

Liz x

*Check this product out to ensure no gluten containing ingredients or ‘may contain’ or ‘not suitable’ warnings on the pack. If in doubt leave it out. 

2 thoughts on “Gluten free goodies that ‘grabbed me’ in June!

  1. Bron Bradshaw says:

    I’m doing both…enjoying the sunshine and your blog! I’m tempted to try those Morrisons rolls. They look very good!

    • Elizabeth Rimmer says:

      Love the sunshine so much, but it can make me a bit lazy, as I have the tendency to just sit in it and daydream!! Glad you enjoyed the blog. You are always so supportive and I appreciate it very much. Do try the rolls, they really are fabulous! ✨xx

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