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Whether you’re after something tasty for tea or a delicious dinner. I hope HERE is the place you find lots of gluten free main meal inspiration!

Delicious gluten free macaroni cheese

Gf Macaroni cheese

Macaroni cheese is one of Neil’s favourite meals and before being diagnosed with coeliac disease it was something I made a lot. However, after being diagnosed, I stopped making it for a while as I felt the sauce didn’t work as well with the macaroni when made with cornflour (I use cornflour when making cauliflower […]

Easy gluten free pizza

Easy gluten free pizza

Whilst I have successfully made gluten free loaves in the breadmaker using Juvela gluten free mix, I’m a novice when it comes to general gluten free bread making. And that includes making gluten free pizza bases too. But as I have been asked on a couple of occasions for a gf pizza base recipe and […]

Easy moussaka – Lizzy style!


Mmmm moussaka I love it! Now, my take on moussaka isn’t the true authentic dish that you would expect to get served up in Greece. But, it is nice and easy to pop together, extremely tasty and naturally gluten free.

Comforting cottage pie

My comforting cottage pie

Updated 23rd April 2024 I’ve always loved cottage pie. It’s yet another one of the many tasty meals I grew up tucking into, as it was something that my mum and grandma frequently made.  Cottage pie is such a hearty and comforting meal. And thanks to Steve Wright on Radio 2 talking about the fondness […]

Delicious cauliflower cheese with smoked bacon – easy to make and naturally gluten free

Gluten free cauliflower cheese with smoked bacon

I’ve always loved cauliflower cheese, and as a teenager, often when I arrived home from doing my weekend job in our local village shop, my mum would have one waiting for me. It was one of my absolute favourite lunches and always made me feel special too, as I’d generally have a whole cauliflower all […]

Delicious honey and mustard glazed ham

Honey and mustard glazed ham

I do love to cook my own gammon/ham joint. I just think there is something very satisfying about the process, and if not being used straight away, it’s nice to have it in the fridge to cut at to make sandwiches, add to salads, or to enjoy with a few chips etc. Cooking a gammon […]

Gluten free special fried rice

A large panful of Gluten free special fried rice

Updated 7th September 2021 I’d always been a bit rubbish at making egg fried rice until somebody explained to me where I’d been going wrong. It was simply that I’d been adding raw beaten egg rather than cooked. Lightly frying the beaten egg, before adding it to the rice prevents the rice from becoming stodgy. […]

Gluten free beef and tomato casserole

Beef and tomato casserole with steamed carrot and roast potatoes

Updated 22nd August 2023 Here is a great, very tasty recipe for a gluten free, beef and tomato casserole. It’s easy to rustle up and the perfect thing to pop into the oven on a rainy day and enjoy a few hours later. This beef and tomato casserole is yet another favourite meal of mine, […]

My gluten free Christmas dinner

Gluten free Christmas dinner

Updated 16th December 2023 A coeliac disease diagnosis is for life, which of of course means that even at Christmas there can be no ‘days off’ from a gluten free diet. However, with so many amazing dedicated gluten free products now up for grabs, and all the food available that’s naturally gluten free, there’s no […]