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Welsh rarebit

Welsh rarebit

So often the recipes I share with you are not about originality but more about rustling up good old classics that I just fancy eating. But it’s funny, how sometimes you forget about things you’ve enjoyed in the past. Welsh rarebit is one of the many delicious things that had slipped my mind, until recently […]

Easy moussaka – Lizzy style!


Mmmm moussaka I love it! Now, my take on moussaka isn’t the true authentic dish that you would expect to get served up in Greece. But, it is nice and easy to pop together, extremely tasty and naturally gluten free.

Gluten free special fried rice

A large panful of Gluten free special fried rice

Updated 7th September 2021 I’d always been a bit rubbish at making egg fried rice until somebody explained to me where I’d been going wrong. It was simply that I’d been adding raw beaten egg rather than cooked. Lightly frying the beaten egg, before adding it to the rice prevents the rice from becoming stodgy. […]