About Me

Hi there, welcome to Coeliac by Design!

My name is Liz and I live in Cheshire, UK, with my husband Neil.

After working for Juvela Gluten Free Foods for seven years on their advice line, and writing a blog post for the monthly newsletter, I launched my own personal blog, ‘Coeliac by Design’ in May 2018.

I initially started writing my blog to help raise awareness about coeliac disease. However, over the years my blog has found its own way and is now very much a place that people pop to for gluten free recipe inspiration, and I love that!

As a trained cook, I also like to share the knowledge I’ve gained whilst working in the food and catering industry, with the hope it may help others, who either need to follow or safely cater for someone that requires a gluten free diet.

I’ve followed a gluten free diet since 2003, when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease (read my diagnosis story here). Thanks to my catering background and love of food, I’ve fortunately been able to embrace my gluten free diet with gusto!

My passion for great food that thrills me, makes me seek out the VERY best gluten free recipes and options. And it’s only the good stuff I’ll tell you about. So, you can guarantee that if I’m raving about something, it’s because I love it and think you may too.

I hope you find Coeliac by Design a happy and inspiring place to visit, and the recipes and things I share, play a part in helping to enhance your gluten free life, or the lives of those you love.

For now,
Liz xx