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Brandy sauce

Gluten free Christmas pudding with brandy sauce

It thrills me to still be able to tuck into things that I’ve always enjoyed, simply because they’re naturally gluten free. And remarkably that’s the case for this delicious, smooth and creamy brandy sauce. I know that you can go all fancy pants when making brandy sauce and make it with flour and a roux […]

Gluten free Christmas pudding

Gluten free Christmas pudding

I always looked forward to tucking into my mum’s homemade Christmas pudding on Christmas Day. In my humble opinion it was, and still is the best Christmas pudding I’ve ever tasted. As my mum’s Christmas pudding was SO good and is one of the many recipes she’d jotted down, I thought I’d give a gluten […]

My gluten free Christmas dinner

Gluten free Christmas dinner

Updated 16th December 2023 A coeliac disease diagnosis is for life, which of of course means that even at Christmas there can be no ‘days off’ from a gluten free diet. However, with so many amazing dedicated gluten free products now up for grabs, and all the food available that’s naturally gluten free, there’s no […]