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Easy gluten free pizza

Easy gluten free pizza

Whilst I have successfully made gluten free loaves in the breadmaker using Juvela gluten free mix, I’m a novice when it comes to general gluten free bread making. And that includes making gluten free pizza bases too. But as I have been asked on a couple of occasions for a gf pizza base recipe and […]

Gluten free chocolate cake – The perfect Birthday cake!

Gluten free chocolate cake with a ganache topping

Updated 21st October 2021 Popped together this gorgeous, gluten free chocolate cake last weekend. The recipe I used, and ever so slightly adapted to make it gluten free, was listed as a ‘Birthday cake’ in Nigella Lawson’s book How To Eat. I love this book so much. Nigella’s writing style is awesome and since writing […]

Gluten free chocolate marble Easter cake

Gluten free chocolate marble Easter cake

I’m so chuffed to be sharing this gluten free chocolate marble Easter cake with you. As not only does it look rather cute and tastes great, it was also lovely to have an opportunity to use a savarin tin which had belonged to my mum, to make the cake. And the meaningful tin, with its […]

My favourite gluten free loaves

Gluten free sandwich - soft cheese and spinach on seeded bread

I’ve seen gluten free bread come such a long way since I was first diagnosed with coeliac. Gone are the days of having to toast every slice of bread to make it palatable – and also to ensure it stayed intact until you had finished your butty! In fact, some gluten free loaves are so […]

Delicious gluten free chocolate muffins

Gluten free chocolate muffins

Revised 21st August 2021 I love these chocolate muffins! They’re soft, deliciously rich and chocolatey and easy to make. I was first introduced to these fabulous chocolate muffins when I worked at Juvela gluten free foods. I think that this recipe, along with the ‘Juvela famed’ gf lemon drizzle cake, are the ones that made me realise […]

Gluten free Burns Night buns

Gluten free Burns Night buns

Although it’s a little late in the day to be sharing these gluten free Burns night buns with you, I thought the fabulous cake toppers I have used, may inspire you for other special events coming up in the future. Valentine’s Day maybe?

Gluten free Manchester tart

Manchester tart with Strawberries

Although I know it’s not the same for everyone, I loved my school dinners. And I remember with fondness, sitting in the classroom, as the delicious (yes, delicious!) smell intensified the closer it got to lunch time, and feeling quite desperate for lessons to finish, so I could get in the dinner queue sharpish. We […]