My favourite gluten free loaves

Gluten free sandwich - soft cheese and spinach on seeded bread

I’ve seen gluten free bread come such a long way since I was first diagnosed with coeliac. Gone are the days of having to toast every slice of bread to make it palatable – and also to ensure it stayed intact until you had finished your butty! In fact, some gluten free loaves are so good, there has been occasions I have actually double checked the packaging to make sure it was definitely gluten free!

Yes, so there are lots of great gluten free loaves available and although everybody’s tastes are different, I thought it would be good to share some of my favourite ones with you.

Waitrose gluten free sliced seeded cob

I picked up this sliced seeded cob in Waitrose as I really liked its rustic look. It is dense in texture – in a really good way! Neil popped me together a bacon butty on a couple of toasted slices, which was great. Likewise, to Jam on toast! And I loved it, simply spread with lots of butter, with a spot of left-over stew too! This is the sort of bread you would be happy to have popped on your plate to enjoy with some tasty soup when eating out. Although I haven’t yet joined the smashed ‘avocado party’, I think this bread would be perfect ‘vessel’ to complement its green goodness, which is extremely popular right now! Talking of which, check out this recipe suggestion from My gluten free guide which looks lovely!

Waitrose gluten free sliced seeded cob

Juvela gluten free fresh white and fibre loaves (Available on prescription and from large Tesco stores)

Juvela gluten free fresh bread has been one of my favourite staple products for over 10 years – I remember the first time I ever tasted it and couldn’t believe its likeness to ‘real’ bread. You can make up delicious butties with Juvela fresh bread straight from the pack. But for me, this has to be my ultimate toast bread as it’s so light and crisp with a moreish chewy centre! I did used to opt for the white over the fibre loaf, but I now enjoy them in equal measures, lightly toasted, smothered in butter, with whatever additional topping that may take my fancy on the day!

Juvela gluten free fresh white and fibre loaf

Must tell you too, it makes the most amazing French toast – Simply heat a little butter in a frying pan, dip a slice of bread into beaten egg, pop in the heated pan and fry on both sides until golden. Pop the toast on a plate and sprinkle with caster sugar – that can, if you like, be mixed with a good pinch of *cinnamon. Enjoy whilst still warm!! Oh my, I’m giddy just talking about this!

French toast made with Juvela fresh white loaves

M&S gluten free brown seeded loaf

Perfect gluten free bread to make a sandwich with – it’s nice and soft and I find it holds together really well. It’s got a great nutty flavour too and thanks to the added seeds, it feels like you are feeding goodness into your tum! Although I have only featured the seeded loaf for now, I have tried most of M&S gluten free breads which are also very good!

M&S gluten free brown seeded loaf


Schar gluten free wholesome seeded loaf

This loaf is great and the fact you can pick it up from most major supermarkets makes it very accessible too! I like the consistency in quality of this loaf and the fact it’s great to eat straight from the pack. Its high in fibre (helping towards us adults recommended 30g of fibre a day – I’m on a mission to hit this figure consistently!) makes great butties and also toasts well. And thanks to the long shelf life and sturdy packaging you can pick a loaf up well in advance of when you need it!Schar gluten free wholesome seeded loaf

Glutafin who are the sister company to Schar produce a very similar loaf to this, which is available to order on prescription

Warburtons gluten free artisan tiger bloomer

Love this yummy gluten free bloomer! And I really like having a full loaf to cut at, leaving it up to me just how thick or thin I want to cut a slice! I’ve enjoyed this loaf both toasted and made up as a sandwich – I found that it held together much better if I sliced a nice chunky bit when making a butty! This ‘bloomer’ has a great texture and flavour and although this loaf is at the top end of the gluten free bread price range, I feel it’s well worth it, maybe not as an everyday bread but definitely as a weekend treat!

Warburtons gluten artisan tiger bloomer Warburtons gluten free artisan tiger bloomer

Genius gluten free spicy fruit loaf (Available from most large supermarkets)

I know this is a fruit loaf but wanted to slip it in with the others as I just love it toasted with plenty of butter and a freshly brewed coffee! And Ideally, I like to eat it alfresco in our garden with a spot of sunshine thrown in!

Genius gluten free spicy fruit loaf

There you go, for now these are my gluten free loaf recommendations, which will of course may be subject to more delicious additions along the way!!

Liz x

Some products I have chatted about have been kindly gifted to me. But, as always, all opinions are my own.

*Check this product out to ensure no gluten containing ingredients or ‘may contain’ or ‘not suitable’ warnings on the pack. If in doubt leave it out!

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  1. Karen Birch says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. Although I’m not gluten intolerant – as far as I’m aware – I believe extra gluten is added to most bread. I would like to know if there are:- 1. Any breads with a naturally low gluten content and 2. If there are any manufacturers that don’t add to the natural gluten.

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