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Off The Wheaten Track…a gorgeous 100% gluten free deli!

Gluten free cheese and onion pie from Off The Wheaten Track

Updated 30th June 2022 I finally got chance to pop into Off The Wheaten Track for a bite to eat the other Friday. This place had been on my wish list of places to eat ever since it had opened earlier in the year. Off The Wheaten Track is a 100% gluten free deli and […]

Five reasons why it matters you get a medical diagnosis for coeliac disease

Liz Rimmer - Gluten free food blogger

I consider myself to be a very lucky coeliac, as the route to my diagnosis was a quick and straightforward one, thanks to the keen eye of my GP. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many people. It’s been said that in the UK it can take on average 13 years to get a medical […]

Read more about Coeliac Disease: external links

Image from Pixabay

Thought it may be handy to pop all the interesting coeliac disease articles that I have come across in one place. They’re insightful and informative snippets, that you may like to have a browse through with a cuppa or glass of wine when you have a moment. 

Symptoms of Coeliac Disease


Updated 11th October 2022 One of the main reasons why it can be so hard to pinpoint a coeliac disease diagnosis, is that there are apparently over 200 known symptoms for this serious autoimmune condition. Also, to achieve an accurate test result for coeliac disease, you need to have been including gluten within your diet […]

Voakes Free From gluten free pies

Selection of free from pork pies from Voakes

If you’ve been fancying a great pie, look no further than Voakes Free From gluten free pies. They’re packed full of the most wonderful flavoured fillings, and encased in perfect crisp pastry, which leaves you wondering how can they possibly be gluten free?! Well they really are!

Where to start if you have recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease

Gluten free bread and butter

I know right now you will be so daunted with your recent coeliac diagnosis – don’t you worry, it’s going to be OK. Don’t be hard on yourself and expect to know everything, it’s impossible. I’m still learning 17 years down the line. Taking ‘baby steps’ and being a bit of a ‘sponge’ in the […]

Is malt vinegar safe for coeliacs?

Black and white picture of 4 bottles of parsons vinegar

Updated 15th April 2024 Whilst in the past, there was much confusion about whether or not it was safe for somebody with coeliac disease to consume malt vinegar and barley malt, I can confirm, that the current advice is that malt vinegar and barley malt is NOT safe to include within a gluten free diet. […]