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Thought it may be handy to pop all the interesting coeliac disease articles that I have come across in one place. They’re insightful and informative snippets, that you may like to have a browse through with a cuppa or glass of wine when you have a moment. 

Coeliac Disease know the signs – YouTube clip

“Living with coeliac disease – Don’t you dare tell me it’s a fad”

“Coeliac disease Is not a fad – And it’s a lot more intense than having a tummy ache after a bowl of pasta”

“I went through 14 years of agonising pain and thought I was going mad but I was suffering from a common disease that affects thousands

What life is like for a Polish-Egyptian with coeliac disease

Clifton toddler started to lose her hair because of a condition that took almost a year to diagnose

Maltese school children to be screened for coeliac 

Everything you need to know about celiac disease

Creating an algorithm to diagnose coeliac disease

What are autoimmune diseases?

Five Symptoms that could mean you’re suffering from coeliac disease

Five things you should never say to somebody who has coeliac disease

12 little-know symptoms of celiac-disease

Half a million in the UK have undiagnosed coeliac disease

GP’s asked to help identify undiagnosed coeliac disease sufferers

Everything you need to know about coeliac disease (and whether you really have it)

When to see a Doctor about problems with your gut

Follow your gut instinct but see a Doctor too

Everything you need to know about adopting a gluten free diet

Coeliac – really?



Useful Coeliac UK links

Diagnosing patients with coeliac disease

The importance of screening patients with unexplained anaemia

Is it coeliac disease? –  take the assessment

Coeliac disease getting diagnosed

Look out for regular updates to this page, as I discover more stuff I have to share with you! Do pass on any articles that you feel may also be helpful too.

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