Fresh milk: Why I love getting mine delivered to the door

3 milk bottles on a step

A few years ago, we decided to start having our milk delivered, rather than picking it up from the supermarket. It’s something that my parents and grandparents have always done, but it took us a little longer to cotton on to this fabulous and most convenient arrangement.

And whilst from the start we’ve always appreciated our regular doorstep fresh milk delivery, over the last year this service has been invaluable. Because something as simple, as having a constant supply of milk for our morning cuppa, without having to nip off to the shops in these uncertain times has been SO good and one less thing for us to have to fret about.

Delivering additional everyday staples 

Milk isn’t the only thing our milkman, Dean from Bells Dairy delivers. He can also drop of other everyday basic items. Such as potatoes, yoghurts (and they’re Longley farm ones too…my absolute favourite), free range eggs, butter, fresh juice and much more. Meaning that if we were ever unable to get out and about, we could still tick along nicely with a few additional things being delivered directly to our door. An arrangement that may be worth considering if you have friends or family who struggle getting to the shops? 

A selection of Longley Farm yoghurts

For those last minute extras

The other week I wanted to make a recipe the following day, but realised I was out of eggs and also needed cream. I popped a quick text through to Dean to request what I needed, and he dropped them off for me the following morning. This saved any hassle of having to pop to the shops. Plus as it was deliverd first thing, I was able to crack on with my bake nice and early.  

Supporting a local business

I love the fact that by having our fresh milk delivered to the door we are supporting a small local business. It’s always a good feeling, knowing that by offering support, in the form of buying products or using a service, people can continue doing a job that they are passionate about.

Environmentally friendly 

The milk float that is used to deliver our milk is an electric one. Which not only means it’s kind to our environment, but it’s also super quiet. So no getting woken up with a noisy delivery truck early in the morning. And of course glass milk bottles are recyclable too. Happy days!

Fresh milk deliveries

If you live in the Warrington area and would like to have fresh milk delivered to your door, then do get in touch with Dean at Bells Dairy and check out if he can deliver to you. He is so helpful and friendly. Should you live a little further afield, hopefully you will have a local milkman that can keep you in regular supply of fresh milk and other dairy products too.  It really is such a fabulous service.

Thanks to Dean our local milkman. Who now not only delivers milk to our door, but has also kindly offered to support my blog by gifting some of his great products to use within my recipes. I made these fab white chocolate and cranberry and cookies with some butter he dropped off for me the other week. Dean’s daughter also has coeliac disease, so he totally understands the day to day challenges that arise when following a gluten free life.

For now
Liz x

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