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Gluten free chocolate marble Easter cake

Gluten free chocolate marble Easter cake

I’m so chuffed to be sharing this gluten free chocolate marble Easter cake with you. As not only does it look rather cute and tastes great, it was also lovely to have an opportunity to use a savarin tin which had belonged to my mum, to make the cake. And the meaningful tin, with its […]

Chocolate picnic slices – naturally gluten free!!

Chocolate picnic slices

I’m here again with another childhood recipe to share with you. These chocolate picnic slices are as much a joy to make as they are to eat and are naturally gluten free. 

Create gluten free versions of your favourite recipes from your standard cookery books!

Selection of cookery books

From my early teens I have always had a weakness for cookery books – all connected with my love of food, both for myself and to feed others – the picture below is my collection that I have gathered over the years, all sitting proudly on our bookcase (which belonged to my grandma and grandad). […]

Gluten free carrot cake cupcakes

Gluten free carrot cake cupcakes

Updated 7th May 2022 I’d been fancying making (and eating!) gluten free carrot cake cupcakes for ages and had been on the hunt for a recipe which I could use to rustle some up. After a bit of searching, I spotted this ‘standard’ carrot cake recipe by Mary Cadogan on the BBC Good Food website. […]

Gluten free banana loaf

Gluten free banana cake

Popped together this lovely gluten free banana loaf the other day, as I had a couple of bananas that didn’t look great. It proved to be the perfect way of using them up. The banana loaf is an adaption of the BBC good food ‘Brilliant Banana loaf’ recipe. I just switched a few ingredients to […]

Managing a gluten free diet on a budget

Blue pot pig money box

Updated 19th February 2021 There is no doubt about it, many dedicated gluten free products cost more than their ‘gluten filled’ equivalents. However, if you have coeliac disease, despite any additional expense, your gluten free diet must be maintained at all times to keep you on the right track, and this can be a financial […]

Gluten free beef and tomato casserole

Beef and tomato casserole with steamed carrot and roast potatoes

Updated 22nd August 2023 Here is a great, very tasty recipe for a gluten free, beef and tomato casserole. It’s easy to rustle up and the perfect thing to pop into the oven on a rainy day and enjoy a few hours later. This beef and tomato casserole is yet another favourite meal of mine, […]

Gluten free raspberry and white chocolate trifle

Gluten free raspberry and white chocolate trifle

Updated 15th October 2021 A few weeks ago, I was asked for a gluten free Madeira cake recipe. The lady who requested it, wanted to use it as a base to make a gluten free raspberry and white chocolate trifle, which was very much enjoyed by her son-in-law. She told me a little more about […]

Gluten free Madeira cake

Sliced gluten free Madeira cake

I wanted to get this really simple recipe for gluten free Madeira cake on my blog. As, not only is it a great traditional afternoon tea cake, which is perfect with a hot cuppa, it can also be used as a base for so many great puddings, such as; trifle, tiramisu etc.