Create gluten free versions of your favourite recipes from your standard cookery books!

Selection of cookery books

From my early teens I have always had a weakness for cookery books – all connected with my love of food, both for myself and to feed others – the picture below is my collection that I have gathered over the years, all sitting proudly on our bookcase (which belonged to my grandma and grandad). My college files sit alongside them too, as I was a proper ‘slacker’ at school, but at Catering college, I pulled my socks up and worked hard, as I was doing something I loved!! Reading through these old files gives me a sense of satisfaction, as its evidence of the effort I put into my studies and reminds me of my carefree days spent at college.

Cookery books on a bookcase

Anyway, although I waffle on a bit my main thing to say is just because you have to follow a gluten free diet don’t abandon your beloved cookery books (maybe like me you have ones that have been passed down the family) that you used pre gluten free days – they are still your ‘friends’ and many of the recipes in there, if not already naturally gluten free can easily be adapted to make them so – If you notice I am forever doing this. Quite often it’s as simple as replacing standard flour with a gluten free one.

Despite your gluten free diet, you really do have the freedom at home to rustle up most things you fancy – if you haven’t checked out your cookery books for a while, go and have a little peep. Pick out that recipe or old favourite that catches your eye. Switch things that need to be switched to make it all good to go and relish in the tasty results of your yummy creations!!

Liz x

P.S I’m lucky enough to be in the possession of both the original and the vintage edition of ‘How To Eat’ by Nigella Lawson. The vintage addition is my bedside read right now – It’s far more than a cookery book and I love it!

Picture of Nigella Lawson How To Eat book

4 thoughts on “Create gluten free versions of your favourite recipes from your standard cookery books!

  1. Carol says:

    Liz, that was such a lovely blog ❤️ I love my cookery books and like you have collected them most of my life and have a few that belonged to my mum which I cherish.
    I love changing bits in recipes to make them fit my gluten free diet, too. Makes life as a coeliac so much easier, doesn’t it?

  2. Bron Bradshaw says:

    Lovely blog as always 😊💕 I think you have more recipe books than I do and that’s amazing! I’ve got another one on order that I’m hoping will arrive on Monday. I’m so excited! It’s from my favourite gluten free bakery in Paris, Noglu 😍 you’re right though, you can adapt most recipes anyway but I couldn’t resist when I saw it on offer. Not sure I have space on my bookshelf 😂

    • Elizabeth Rimmer says:

      Thank you so much 😊 – I’m delighted you take time out to read my blogs! Yes, love my recipe books and cannot part with a single one!! I’ve just had a quick peep about the book you have mentioned it looks fabulous – love the cover! Although most standard recipes can be converted into gluten free versions, dedicated gluten free recipe books like yours and Noglu really inspire people to get baking, as they can be assured, they will have success with their gluten free creations as they have all been tried and tested!😋😍

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