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Gluten free at LEON

LEON at Cheshire Oakes

I’d heard great things about LEON restaraunts and their super gluten free offerings. So was delighted to discover that they had opened a branch at Cheshire Oaks (one of my favourite places to shop!). And on Wednesday, after a spot of Christmas shopping with my fabulous buddy Carol, we called in for our tea. 

Gluten free creamed mushrooms on toast – with the most wonderful chilli kick!

Gluten free creamed mushrooms on toast

As with many of the recipes I share with you, it’s not always my first intention to do so, but instead, the fact that I’ve just fancied rustling up something particular for myself to eat, and when it turns out great, I get all giddy and think, Oooh, must tell you about it too! And […]

Delicious honey and mustard glazed ham

Honey and mustard glazed ham

I do love to cook my own gammon/ham joint. I just think there is something very satisfying about the process, and if not being used straight away, it’s nice to have it in the fridge to cut at to make sandwiches, add to salads, or to enjoy with a few chips etc. Cooking a gammon […]

Gluten free crispy cheese and onion potato bakes

Gluten free crispy cheese and onion potato bakes with salad and M&S peri peri mayo

The idea for these gluten free crispy cheese and onion potato bakes materialised from making basic potato cakes (which are simply, cold seasoned mashed potato, with a little added gluten free flour/mix, the mixture is then moulded into patties and pan fried…preferably in butter!). So yes, I popped these bakes together the other day and […]

Lees meringue pavlova – naturally gluten free!

Gluten free meringue pavlova filled with cream and summer fruit berries

As a cook, sometimes I feel a bit guilty when I buy ready-made shop bought things. But when I’m short of preparation time, I’m really glad there are great convenience products on hand that can help me out just when I need it. This Lees meringue pavlova that I picked up from Aldi the other […]

Gluten free special fried rice

A large panful of Gluten free special fried rice

Updated 7th September 2021 I’d always been a bit rubbish at making egg fried rice until somebody explained to me where I’d been going wrong. It was simply that I’d been adding raw beaten egg rather than cooked. Lightly frying the beaten egg, before adding it to the rice prevents the rice from becoming stodgy. […]

Five reasons why it matters you get a medical diagnosis for coeliac disease

Liz Rimmer - Gluten free food blogger

I consider myself to be a very lucky coeliac, as the route to my diagnosis was a quick and straightforward one, thanks to the keen eye of my GP. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many people. It’s been said that in the UK it can take on average 13 years to get a medical […]

Gluten free goodies that ‘grabbed me’ in June!

M&S Gluten free Pain Aux Raisins

I’m forever trying new gluten free products – some I like, some I don’t. And although like many things, food is all down to personal taste, I thought it would be good to share with you the things that I have tried this month and without any hesitation would buy again!

Gluten free red velvet cake

Gluten free red velvet cake

It’s year ago today since my blog went live, so I thought it would be nice to pop together a special cake to mark the 1st Birthday of Coeliac by Design! There are a quite a few things that have only become popular since I have diagnosed with coeliac disease. One of them is red velvet […]

Gluten free chocolate cake – The perfect Birthday cake!

Gluten free chocolate cake with a ganache topping

Updated 21st October 2021 Popped together this gorgeous, gluten free chocolate cake last weekend. The recipe I used, and ever so slightly adapted to make it gluten free, was listed as a ‘Birthday cake’ in Nigella Lawson’s book How To Eat. I love this book so much. Nigella’s writing style is awesome and since writing […]