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Lees meringue pavlova – naturally gluten free!

Gluten free meringue pavlova filled with cream and summer fruit berries

As a cook, sometimes I feel a bit guilty when I buy ready-made shop bought things. But when I’m short of preparation time, I’m really glad there are great convenience products on hand that can help me out just when I need it. This Lees meringue pavlova that I picked up from Aldi the other […]

Custard filled pavlova topped with fresh strawberries and white chocolate drizzle

Strawberry Pavlova

I love pavlova. In fact, if picking from a menu it would probably be my first pudding of choice. Gluten free sticky toffee pudding or a fabulous ice cream would also be huge contenders! One of the many great things about a pavlova, is that it is also naturally gluten free. Hoorah! Of course when […]