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Gift ideas whatever your budget: It’s the thought that counts!

Wrapped present in bright pink paper with giraffes

Updated 12th November 2020 I’m so glad, that when the lovely Martin at PPM was taking down notes for my website design, he suggested that along with all my gluten free things that I also had a ‘lifestyle’ section too. It was great advice. As knowing what a crazy eclectic busy head I have, there […]

Gluten free cupcakes (quick and easy)

Gluten free cupcakes...with sprinkles

These super-duper cupcake cuties can be whipped up at a drop of a hat, by using the simple all in one gluten free sponge cake recipe. Once baked, cool and top with a delicious swirl of buttercream and whatever gf sprinkles that take your fancy!!

Gluten free pear cake

Freshly baked pear cake on a blue plate

I discovered this rather wonderful pear cake ((Torta di pere e mandorle) recipe by Elisabetta Ludica, on the BBC Food website. The only change I’ve made to the original recipe is to use gluten free flour. And after baking and testing it out a few times, I’d like to share the recipe with you. 

Gluten free steamed syrup sponge

Gluten free steamed syrup sponge on a plate

It’s with sheer delight, that I share this truly scrumptious gluten free steamed sponge recipe with you. I have a steamed jam sponge recipe already on the blog, but I know how popular steamed syrup pud is, so I thought you wouldn’t mind me tempting you with this one too. 

Gluten free raspberry buns

Gluten free raspberry buns

My mum used to make raspberry buns a lot when I was younger and they were one of my brother’s favourite things to have for his supper. I do love making things that evoke happy memories of years gone by. I’ve had a go at rustling up gluten free raspberry buns twice now and I’ve […]

Gluten free Victoria sandwich

Gluten free Victoria cake

Updated 6th June 2023 I love the simplicity of a Victoria sandwich. Soft sponge layers, sandwiched together with raspberry jam and topped with a generous sprinkle of caster sugar, makes this a splendid, no frills, yet extremely delicious, classic bake! Gluten free Victoria sandwich is a perfect place to start if you’re new to gf […]