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This selection of heartwarming gluten free puddings and deserts recipes have been wonderfully influenced by my childhood. As growing up, puddings were on the menu EVERY day in our house! Here you will discover, comforting traditional puddings and delightful desserts which work splendidly, when made entirely gluten free.

Gluten free chocolate cheesecake

Gluten free chocolate cheesecake with

Only five ingredients are needed to make this DELICIOUS gluten free chocolate cheesecake. It’s also very easy to make. And, it’s thanks to my wonderful mum that I’m able to share this recipe with you, as it is one of the many tempting things she’d jotted down in her recipe book, which I’m slowly working […]

Gluten free lemon meringue pie

Gluten free lemon meringue pie

Updated 7th March 2023 It’s with joy I bring you this gorgeous recipe for a traditional lemon meringue pie. Which of course is completely gluten free.   Lemon meringue pie has featured delightfully throughout my life, as my mum and grandma frequently made this delicious, zingy, meringue topped pie. But whilst they’d always make their […]

Gluten free steamed syrup sponge

Gluten free steamed syrup sponge on a plate

It’s with sheer delight, that I share this truly scrumptious gluten free steamed sponge recipe with you. I have a steamed jam sponge recipe already on the blog, but I know how popular steamed syrup pud is, so I thought you wouldn’t mind me tempting you with this one too. 

Gluten free Scotch pancakes (drop scones)

A stack of gluten free Scotch pancakes

I was lucky enough to spend a few extremely happy years of my childhood, living in a rather wonderful Scottish seaside town called Thurso. It was whilst living in Thurso, that I got to try Scotch pancakes for the first time. This was thanks to our neighbour, who we affectionately called Auntie Jannetta, popping round […]

Brandy sauce

Gluten free Christmas pudding with brandy sauce

It thrills me to still be able to tuck into things that I’ve always enjoyed, simply because they’re naturally gluten free. And remarkably that’s the case for this delicious, smooth and creamy brandy sauce. I know that you can go all fancy pants when making brandy sauce and make it with flour and a roux […]

Gluten free Christmas pudding

Gluten free Christmas pudding

I always looked forward to tucking into my mum’s homemade Christmas pudding on Christmas Day. In my humble opinion it was, and still is the best Christmas pudding I’ve ever tasted. As my mum’s Christmas pudding was SO good and is one of the many recipes she’d jotted down, I thought I’d give a gluten […]

Gluten free sherry trifle

Gluten free trifle

I got myself so excited to share this gluten free sherry trifle recipe, that I didn’t know where to start. So many words, so many trifle food memories… spotting it on a well laden sweet trolley, my mum making it every Christmas. You get it?!! Trifle brings me GREAT joy! 

Gluten free Eve’s pudding with blackberries and apples

Gluten free Eves pudding with blackberries and apples

Eve’s pudding with blackberries and apples, is one of the MANY delicious puddings I enjoyed as a child. However, I’m sure the blackberries in the pudding back then were not shop bought (unlike the ones I used for this recipe), instead, they’d have been picked by my mum, from the blackberry bushes on the surrounding […]