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Browse through my tempting selection of tried and tested gluten free recipes. Many are good old family favourites that originate from my mum and grandma’s recipe books, others I’ve gathered up from cookery books and cuttings from magazines, and some are original to me. So yes, HERE I bring you a wonderful eclectic mix of gluten free recipe yumminess! Enjoy

Delicious chilli con carne – naturally gluten free!

Chilli - naturally gluten free

Updated 23rd April 2024 We all have our own little take on how we make a chilli and what additional ingredients we pop in there. My signature chilli recipe has changed through the years. Moving on from when we were on a REALLY tight budget and needing to use the cheapest mince and adding Heinz […]

Gluten free plum crumble

Gluten free plum crumble

Updated 16th November 2023 With the chillier days approaching, I thought it would be a nice time to share with you this quick and easy gluten free plum crumble recipe. The Perfect tummy warming, comforting pudding, that can be popped together in no time at all.

Gluten free cupcakes (quick and easy)

Gluten free cupcakes...with sprinkles

These super-duper cupcake cuties can be whipped up at a drop of a hat, by using the simple all in one gluten free sponge cake recipe. Once baked, cool and top with a delicious swirl of buttercream and whatever gf sprinkles that take your fancy!!

Gluten free lasagne (super tasty and easy to make)

Gluten free lasagne

Updated 10th August 2021 Had my friends over for supper the other night and decided to pop together this gluten free lasagne that we could all enjoy. It’s nice and easy to make, very tasty and a recipe I’ve used for years. Love that once all the prep is done, lasagne can be popped into […]

Gluten free Manchester tart

Manchester tart with Strawberries

Although I know it’s not the same for everyone, I loved my school dinners. And I remember with fondness, sitting in the classroom, as the delicious (yes, delicious!) smell intensified the closer it got to lunch time, and feeling quite desperate for lessons to finish, so I could get in the dinner queue sharpish. We […]

Gluten free scones

Gluten free scones filled with jam and cream!

Updated 13th May 2022 National cream tea day prompted me to pop together a batch of gluten free scones. These scones are nice and easy to make and have a delicious crunch and traditional tight crumb centre. Best enjoyed freshly baked, sliced and spread with butter or for something a little more fancy, fresh cream […]

Dauphinoise potatoes

Dauphinoise potatoes

I wanted to share this recipe for dauphinoise potatoes with you as they are delicious, naturally gluten free and super easy to make. If you’ve never had a bash at making dauphinoise potatoes I recommend you do. You won’t regret it as they really are tremendous. They’re the perfect creamy potato dish to enjoy with […]

Gluten free brioche bread and butter pudding

Gluten free bread and butter pudding made with gluten free brioche rolls

There’s something so comforting about traditional old-fashioned puddings – and they just seem to stand the test of time.  What’s even better, is that so many standard recipes that we have previously enjoyed can be easily tweaked to make them gluten free.  I found this bread and butter pudding recipe in ‘The Dairy Book of […]

Gluten free Victoria sandwich

Gluten free Victoria cake

Updated 6th June 2023 I love the simplicity of a Victoria sandwich. Soft sponge layers, sandwiched together with raspberry jam and topped with a generous sprinkle of caster sugar, makes this a splendid, no frills, yet extremely delicious, classic bake! Gluten free Victoria sandwich is a perfect place to start if you’re new to gf […]