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Browse through my tempting selection of tried and tested gluten free recipes. Many are good old family favourites that originate from my mum and grandma’s recipe books, others I’ve gathered up from cookery books and cuttings from magazines, and some are original to me. So yes, HERE I bring you a wonderful eclectic mix of gluten free recipe yumminess! Enjoy

Gluten free dumplings

Gluten free dumplings

Updated 22nd August 2023 Gluten free dumplings used to be one of the most requested recipes when I worked on the advice line at Juvela. And then generally within the same enquiry, I’d be asked where gluten free suet could be purchased from? Gluten free suet is a bit tricky to get hold of. However, […]

Gluten free frangipane topped mince pies

Gluten free frangipane topped mince pies

Updated 23rd December 2021 Ooh I’m rushing in quick (and just in the nick of time), to share with you this rather fabulous festive recipe for delicious gluten free frangipane topped mince pies.  These mince pies, with their squidgy frangipane topping, are a delightful alternative to a traditional mince pie and fill the kitchen with […]

Delicious gluten free canapés – made using Jus-Rol gluten free puff pastry

Gluten free canapés made using Jus-Rol gluten free puff pastry

I do love a good tasty canapé. For me, it’s a perfect morsel to pop into your mouth whilst enjoying a glass of chilled fizz! Canapés make a great pre-dinner starter. Just that bit of something, to ‘put you on’, before heading to the table to tuck into the main meal – giving the designated […]

Comforting cottage pie

My comforting cottage pie

Updated 23rd April 2024 I’ve always loved cottage pie. It’s yet another one of the many tasty meals I grew up tucking into, as it was something that my mum and grandma frequently made.  Cottage pie is such a hearty and comforting meal. And thanks to Steve Wright on Radio 2 talking about the fondness […]

Delicious cauliflower cheese with smoked bacon – easy to make and naturally gluten free

Gluten free cauliflower cheese with smoked bacon

I’ve always loved cauliflower cheese, and as a teenager, often when I arrived home from doing my weekend job in our local village shop, my mum would have one waiting for me. It was one of my absolute favourite lunches and always made me feel special too, as I’d generally have a whole cauliflower all […]

Gluten free creamed mushrooms on toast – with the most wonderful chilli kick!

Gluten free creamed mushrooms on toast

As with many of the recipes I share with you, it’s not always my first intention to do so, but instead, the fact that I’ve just fancied rustling up something particular for myself to eat, and when it turns out great, I get all giddy and think, Oooh, must tell you about it too! And […]

Delicious honey and mustard glazed ham

Honey and mustard glazed ham

I do love to cook my own gammon/ham joint. I just think there is something very satisfying about the process, and if not being used straight away, it’s nice to have it in the fridge to cut at to make sandwiches, add to salads, or to enjoy with a few chips etc. Cooking a gammon […]

Gluten free crispy cheese and onion potato bakes

Gluten free crispy cheese and onion potato bakes with salad and M&S peri peri mayo

The idea for these gluten free crispy cheese and onion potato bakes materialised from making basic potato cakes (which are simply, cold seasoned mashed potato, with a little added gluten free flour/mix, the mixture is then moulded into patties and pan fried…preferably in butter!). So yes, I popped these bakes together the other day and […]

Lemon curd

Ingredients required to make lemon curd

Revised 7th August 2021 I first learnt how to make lemon curd in a home economics class at school (a long time ago, although it really doesn’t feel like it). Much to my delight, when I took it home, it was a huge hit with my mum and grandparents. And for a while, my family […]