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Browse through my tempting selection of tried and tested gluten free recipes. Many are good old family favourites that originate from my mum and grandma’s recipe books, others I’ve gathered up from cookery books and cuttings from magazines, and some are original to me. So yes, HERE I bring you a wonderful eclectic mix of gluten free recipe yumminess! Enjoy

Delicious gluten free chocolate muffins

Gluten free chocolate muffins

Revised 21st August 2021 I love these chocolate muffins! They’re soft, deliciously rich and chocolatey and easy to make. I was first introduced to these fabulous chocolate muffins when I worked at Juvela gluten free foods. I think that this recipe, along with the ‘Juvela famed’ gf lemon drizzle cake, are the ones that made me realise […]

Gluten free Burns Night buns

Gluten free Burns Night buns

Although it’s a little late in the day to be sharing these gluten free Burns night buns with you, I thought the fabulous cake toppers I have used, may inspire you for other special events coming up in the future. Valentine’s Day maybe?

Gluten free banana loaf

Gluten free banana cake

Popped together this lovely gluten free banana loaf the other day, as I had a couple of bananas that didn’t look great. It proved to be the perfect way of using them up. The banana loaf is an adaption of the BBC good food ‘Brilliant Banana loaf’ recipe. I just switched a few ingredients to […]

Gluten free beef and tomato casserole

Beef and tomato casserole with steamed carrot and roast potatoes

Updated 22nd August 2023 Here is a great, very tasty recipe for a gluten free, beef and tomato casserole. It’s easy to rustle up and the perfect thing to pop into the oven on a rainy day and enjoy a few hours later. This beef and tomato casserole is yet another favourite meal of mine, […]

My gluten free Christmas dinner

Gluten free Christmas dinner

Updated 16th December 2023 A coeliac disease diagnosis is for life, which of of course means that even at Christmas there can be no ‘days off’ from a gluten free diet. However, with so many amazing dedicated gluten free products now up for grabs, and all the food available that’s naturally gluten free, there’s no […]

Gluten free raspberry and white chocolate trifle

Gluten free raspberry and white chocolate trifle

Updated 15th October 2021 A few weeks ago, I was asked for a gluten free Madeira cake recipe. The lady who requested it, wanted to use it as a base to make a gluten free raspberry and white chocolate trifle, which was very much enjoyed by her son-in-law. She told me a little more about […]

Gluten free Madeira cake

Sliced gluten free Madeira cake

I wanted to get this really simple recipe for gluten free Madeira cake on my blog. As, not only is it a great traditional afternoon tea cake, which is perfect with a hot cuppa, it can also be used as a base for so many great puddings, such as; trifle, tiramisu etc. 

Creamy rice pudding with delicious apricot compote| Naturally gluten free

Creamy rice pudding with apricot compote

It’s National School Meals Week this week and I have very fond memories of my school dinners, as I was one of those kids that loved them! Fortunately, at our junior school we had a fabulous cook. she could get a little cross with us at times when we got a bit rowdy – and […]

Gluten free crispy rice squares

ten free crispy rice squares

Updated 15th April 2022 I thought I would rustle up some crispy rice squares as a little indulgent treat. The perfect thing to make with a box of Nestle Go Free Rice Pops that I’d been given as a sample whilst at an allergy show in Liverpool.

Delicious chilli con carne – naturally gluten free!

Chilli - naturally gluten free

We all have our own little take on how we make a chilli and what additional ingredients we pop in there! My signature chilli recipe has changed through the years. Moving on from when we were on a tight budget and needing to use the cheapest mince and adding Heinz baked beans (which tasted good […]