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Gluten free YUM YUM cake

Gluten free Yum Yum cake

I’m delighted to share this recipe for gluten free YUM YUM cake with you (the name alone makes me happy!). The original recipe for this gorgeous cake came from a little recipe book that belonged to my grandma. It’s one of those books that happened, thanks to various people kindly contributing their favourite recipes. I […]

Gluten free baking hints and tips

Gluten free carrots cake cupcakes

Updated 30th March 2022 Many people believe that gluten free baking is tricky, but over the years I’ve discovered that it’s really not that much different from standard baking and is certainly worth the effort.

Gluten free scones

Gluten free scones filled with jam and cream!

Updated 13th May 2022 National cream tea day prompted me to pop together a batch of gluten free scones. These scones are nice and easy to make and have a delicious crunch and traditional tight crumb centre. Best enjoyed freshly baked, sliced and spread with butter or for something a little more fancy, fresh cream […]