And I say to myself what a Wonderful World!!

Picture of a horse through the trees

Isn’t it just the way, that the moment you rave about something, things can go a little pear shaped? Well I’m afraid that’s what happened with the whole running thing since I posted my running post!!

It all started going a bit wrong a few months ago, when I had a little muscle pull in my thigh. I thought I would take a bit of time out to rest it. But in the meantime a niggle I had in my back turned out to be a silly bulging disk – just wear and tear. So, I’m afraid, for now my Physio and Pilates teacher have both advised me not to run. If all my Pilates stretching works it’s magic, it may be that a later date I can get back to doing a little jogging – fingers crossed!!

However, despite my dodgy back I can still get out for decent paced walks. And I love walking – as like running, it completely clears my head, and I get a spot of fresh air in the process too! Whilst I’m out and about I will often get a smile from a passing stranger and generally a cute bird or squirrel stop’s by to say ‘hello’.

The other day was the best, as when I was out walking near home, this beautiful horse wandered across the field and right up to the fence, letting me stroke it’s head, for as long as I wanted. I loved it!!!Beautiful white horse

For me its all about the little things and moments of joy that that make me happy. And being lucky enough to get out in open air and exercise, no matter how I do it, is just fabulous. It really is a tonic for the mind, body and soul!!Looking out to sea from Llandudno

Liz x

4 thoughts on “And I say to myself what a Wonderful World!!

  1. Carol Carpenter says:

    I couldn’t agree more Liz, and if you’re with a good friend it’s the perfect thing to do. Hope you’re niggles all clear up soon. Take care. Love and hugs Caz x

  2. Vivienne Howard says:

    Elizabeth, what a beautiful blog this is and it is so you. I’m not Coeliac Liz but had to come by to have a look at your site. I will certainly be a regular visitor as you have some lovely ideas to share and I think you were given good advice about a lifestyle column because I loved it especially the gift ideas. It was lovely to see you last week Liz even though it was brief.

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