Running… its great for the soul!

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I like running. I’m not good at it, but I like it. In fact, I use the word running quite loosely as I’m certainly more of a ‘jogger’ than a ‘runner’ – but it makes me feel good, and I’m glad it’s a part of my life! I’ve never yet got home from a run and wished I hadn’t been out.

I’m fortunate in the fact that I have my own ‘personal coach’.  Neil, my husband, ran at international level in the 80/90’s and he was VERY good. With his help he has managed to get me up to running a minimum distance of 5k a couple of times a week. I simply started by walking and then running and building up from there. It’s not always easy, but it’s good for my head. I liken running to sifting for gold – you know you get all that rubbish in the sieve, but with a little bit of gentle movement you get the shiny stuff coming through – And that’s just what I feel like when I get home after a run – the ‘shiny stuff’ is there, and the world feels like a better place!

Walkings is another love of mine, and over the years I have discovered some great places thanks to my Dad, and accompanying him on weekend walks. Me and my brother were lucky enough to be introduced to the great outdoors from a very early age, climbing hills and mountains all over the UK, and beyond. And I think from there on I got the bug……Happy days!

The Wirral Way
The Wirral Way

You don’t have to be good at things to love them it’s just the experience!! If you are able to pop out to blow the cobwebs away, whether it be a walk, run, or simply to sit in the sunshine just do it… it’s great for the soul!!

Liz x


P.S Spotted this article in Prima the other day “run your first mile” if you fancy giving running a go!

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