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Last year when I was in the process of piecing together ideas for my website, I would stay up late at night and check out other people’s blogs. I wasn’t just looking for things I liked, but also, things I didn’t, as this helped me build up a profile of how I wanted my website to look – and then the wonderful PPM worked their magic and made my website real!. Thanks to all my ‘browsing’ I got to discover some truly amazing blogs that I now absolutely love to read. And at the drop of a hat, will grab my iPad, make a coffee, plonk myself down, and be inspired by other people’s words and pictures on the screen!

I’m delighted with the mixture of blogs I stumbled across and thought you may like to take a look at them too.


Gluten free blogs

There are lots of great gluten free blogs out there – but these are three of my favourites. All written by fellow coeliacs.

My gluten free Guide

It’s thanks to Neil doing a spot of research and checking out safe places to eat gluten free whilst we were staying in Padstow, that I got to discover ‘My gluten free guide’ written by Laura Strange – I love this blog! Laura loves to travel and eat – Yay! She kindly shares all the places she has visited and their suitability to cater for coeliacs. She also posts great gluten free recipes and will point you in the right direction to pick up super gluten free products. Her blog is warm, with very tempting foodie shots, she has a real depth of knowledge about living gluten free and it’s a sheer pleasure to read!

The gluten free blogger

The gluten free blogger written by Sarah Howell was the first gluten free blog I was ever aware of. I used to see her posts popping up when I worked at Juvela. Sarah, as well as being coeliac, is also a qualified journalist and writes a brilliant gluten free blog. She shares gluten free recipes, recommends gluten free products and places to eat safely – managing to do all this in a light hearted and quirky way.

The gluten free Scallywag

Although Jasmine, who lives in Australia has not put any new gluten free recipes on her blog for a little while – she needn’t worry, as she has already built up a cracking collection of tempting gluten free delights to rustle up. Jasmine’s writing style is lovely and her skilled photography captures her food creations perfectly, making you want to pop in the kitchen and rustle up one of her recipes that instant!


Food writer/recipe blogs

I stumbled across these two amazing food writer blogs in my late-night scrolling. Although they are not gluten free blogs – Niamh who writes Eat like a Girl does include a gluten free section on her blog – as with most standard recipes, I’m sure with a few tweaks most of the recipes on both sites could be adapted to make them gluten free.

Eat like a Girl

Niamh Sheilds who writes Eat like a Girl, is a woman after my own heart as she too delights in food as much as I do! She also loves to travel, and shares with you her food discoveries, in the form of recommendations of places to eat and her fabulous recipes. I have spotted a few things on Niamh’s site that I must make – a chocolate mousse, which is made using olive oil sounds terrific and there is also a curry recipe on there that I’m going to have to put together soon! This is such a brilliant, well written blog – you must check it out!

The Wednesday Chef

Luisa Weiss writing style is what appeals to me most. Her blog is so readable and transparent. She shares both her own and other people’s excellent recipes on her site. Although Luisa hasn’t put any recent recipe blogs on – she has been working on another cookery book – this really doesn’t matter, as her blog is like a good book, which never dates and can be picked up and read over and over again whenever you feel like it.

*The venues mentioned in these blogs may not be suitable for gluten free diets, so please check out before you eat there, if like me, you have specific dietary needs.


Lifestyle blog

Cup of Jo

Of all the blogs I have discovered in my ‘blog research’, this, for now, is my absolute favourite. To me, Cup of Jo is like opening up a great magazine that is both inspiring and uplifting – with many pictures of people’s beautiful homes!  Cup of Jo’s tag line is something like “come for the blog stay for the comments” and this is so true – never seen a blog with so many comments – hundreds!!  I know it’s wrong to look at a screen for too long, so I really have to tear myself away once I start checking out what’s new on this blog as there is so much to look at – before I know it an hour or two will have gone by – but reading it makes me happy!


There will be many other great blogs out there I know, and would love to hear about the ones you love too!

Liz x



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